Saturday, September 20, 2008

Al and Hal's new home....

Dave and I, along with Pugsley, took up all of Alison's things this morning to her new home, the This campus is beautiful and what a!

The new home sweet home!

This is only Alison's things, Hal's mom and dad were coming up later

with her things!

Very funny Alison!

Al and Hal have had a jungle theme planned for their dorm room for months we arrived at the dorm today to help them move Alison's things into her room we noticed that all the rooms had the students names on doors along with some type of animal picture attached to the doors! Perfect!
Good luck you two and have fun at your game tonight! hugssssss mom!


Jackie said...

I know Al, but who's Hal? Did Al know her before or she is a new friend? Looks like they are a good dorm match for sure. Jungle girls!

Christine said...

They met each other during the Club V-Ball season..and it was a match from the start! They have a fun time together! Hal Plays on the College V-Ball team with Ali. I can't wait to get the picture of their dorm room after they get it all fixed up...the jungle theme!