Monday, February 9, 2009

My three special guests....

One day I decided to make a big fuss over my family. I mean I got the house shinning, the dinning room table was set in my finest dinnerware, and the fresh flowers from the garden were set in a beautiful vase that my grandma had given me in the center of the table. Why not? I go through all of this for special guest, don't I?

All of a sudden, the kids all realized that something big was about to happen and they wanted to know right away, who was coming for dinner. (Isn't that funny, our kids know when someone special is coming over? As if this were the only times I cleaned and cooked!) I looked at them with an excited smile and told the three of them that indeed there were, three very "Special Guests" joining us this evening! I then asked if they'd like to help me by running up stairs and making three very special crowns out of paper and glitter.

The excitement level was at a high and they could not wait to be a part of the festivities that were about to take place this very evening. And the not knowing who these three special guest were, really added an extra dose of excitement to the atmosphere of that day!

As I worked hard to prepare this very special meal and atmosphere for my three special guests, I couldn't help but be overwhelmed with thankfulness to God for blessing me with this incredible family that he had put me, of all people, in charge of!

That evening as the kids placed three crowns on the plates that they had made for our special guest they immediately noticed that there were only five place settings. All of a sudden, sadness struck each one of them, as they thought out loud to me, "Mom, are we not invited to this special dinner?" I immediately smiled and told them, "well of course you are!"

As I looked at them, I told them, "You are my special guests!" Deep sigh of relief, as they all jumped up and down shouting, "we are special, we are special!"

What are we saving our beautiful china for? Let's pull it out of that china cabinet and use it on our special guest!

God is preparing a beautiful banquet table for all of his special guest one day, his children! I'll bet he uses all of His finest china for us on that special day and every day therefore after!

Let's lavish the love .... and don't forget to - set the table!
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