Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Almost time for Chili!

Been busy getting ready for our big party this coming Friday! Made popcorn balls yesterday and will be making Caramel and caramel apples tomorrow. We are heading to Costco here pretty soon to pick up our ingredients for Dave's big batch of Chili. I just boxed up a gift for my nieces baby and her. I made Lisa the cutest little book to put Easter pictures of her kids in. It really turned out cute! Leaving for Alaska to visit my brother and his family Monday! wooo hoo! It will be a quick trip, only three days but looking forward to seeing them! See ya soon Snackie! lol

I am making pumpkin corn bread...making regular corn bread as well but I am really anxious to see what this pumpkin corn bread is all about! If you want some fun ideas and recipes check out the recipe girl on my page, she has so many great recipes!


Jackie said...

Have fun and eat an extra bowl of chili for me. Oh wait, maybe not. You are coming to see me soon after all. hee hee. Can't wait! Do you know what time you're coming in yet? Hugs, Jax

Christine Lynn said...

I haven't talked to Brenda yet, but will see here Sunday and will tell here that noon works best for you. I'll call you Sunday. What is the temp there...?

Jackie said...

You don't want to know. Let's see, I'll go check...Okay, it's 15 degrees at 9:45 p.m. But let me just add that it is 82 degrees upstairs (because we don't know when to stop feeding the very efficient woodstove).