Thursday, October 9, 2008

Have you BOO'D anyone yet?

( I'm dragging Dave and Elliot with me tonight to BOO a few people. I found cute little BOO bags at Target this year and thought I'd hand out a few extra BOO gifts along with some cute jars I found, decorated and filled with some fun Halloween candy)

When the kids were little someone had secretly left a sweet gift along with this little poem attached to it on our door step. The kids of course were excited about getting a sweet treat and even more excited about returning the favor to someone else as well. Just something about sweets and being sneaky! I wonder if the person who started this in our neighborhood knows that this still goes on here still after all these years.
I have my little Boo gifts all lined up, and if you'd like to boo someone special near you then this is what you do... First of all,.... buy your little candy Boo gift and wrap it up special. Then for each gift attach this little note:


You've been "BOO'D"!
It's your turn pass it on.
We'll tell you how.
Choose a neighbor, friend or anyone.
Who needs some special "Spooky" fun;
And when you've made your secret pick,
Let your treat do the "trick"!
Put a "goody" bag beside the door;
Include this poem, and one thing more ~
Some sweets for candy fun~
Your "BOO" is done!
Don't sign your name, don't leave a clue;
"Cause that's the magic of a "BOO"!

Now go "BOO" it up!


Christine Lynn said...

I just got back from buying more candy for my BOO jars...I have been eating the candy! These BOO jars are going tonight!!!! Weight Watchers here I come!

Jackie said...

Hee kitty prayer is being answered. lol! Cute bags!

Christine Lynn said...

OH my gosh Jackie that is so funny! At first In was thinking Kitty prayer??? I get it...what a brat!