Sunday, October 19, 2008

Love in a lunch box

(This is a picture of one of her lunches)

I came across my notes on a talk I gave at a MOPS group about children's lunch ideas. I really enjoyed coming up with new and fun ideas to make my kids lunches fun yet nutritious. I looked at my children's lunches as kind of my mom ministry. I would tuck a funny joke, note or maybe even a little scripture into them. I liked cutting sandwiches into all sorts of fun shapes and even enjoyed cutting the apple into a puzzle for them to put together. I would always be on the look out for fun and silly napkins, anything to dress it up and make it special. I would throw in special movie coupons for them along with fun little surprise gifts into the lunch as well. It was an opportunity for me to connect with them half way through their day at school. I did this pretty much from 1st grade through out high school, with the exception of their senior year, they along with their friends came to my house everyday for lunch! That happens when you teach them how to drive!

I was browsing around today and found this incredible site that this mom has a large number of pictures of her child's lunches on. I really liked her little lunch box and how everything looked so cute and snug inside.

We get one chance to raise our families and create awesome memories with,... and lunch time,... is just another one of them. ~enjoy

((I am working on the cutest idea for the kids who are coming to our Halloween dinner. I'll post a picture of them when I finish them up.))


P-Dot said...

You brought up such an wonderful memory for me that it brought tears to my eyes. My Mom was really into nutrition and she didn't do as much as you did but she always made my lunches special and I didn't even think of it until right now. When I got older and brought friends home for lunch (KP especially) she would always make a big deal out of it. One time she made Lamb Ragout and I thought KP was going to drown in the bowl she got into it so much. Good old memories of a great Mom.

Darlene said...

ok. this totally inspired me! I loved the link...and I just popped into my kitchen to add some things to my grocery list. I am not packing lunches yet, but this still gives me great ideas for keeping a toddler interested in food! Thanks for this one.

PS, ok, my first blog organizing question: do you know how to/want to know how to use 'labels' ?

Darlene said...

ok, labels. I like them because it helps me find posts that I did in the past, and it helps my readers find past posts if they are more interested in one subject than another.I try to label all of my posts for my own organizational purposes.

Here is how to do a label: 1. You make up your own label names, for example, one of my labels is Scrapbook, and I use it anytime I put family pictures in a post. Or you could make one of your labels Family Traditions, since that is something you are so great at doing/posting about. 2. Anytime you write a new post, at the bottom is a spot that says "labels for this post," then there is a box to the right where you can type your own desired label name. 3. From then on, blogger will remember your label 4. I am pretty sure you can do as many label names as you want.

To see my labels, you will find them at the bottom of every one of my idividual posts. Then, in my right-hand side bar, you will find a list of labels,(that I call "My Walk"). I can tell you how to make a list of labels if you want. By clicking on my labels, you will be directed to every post I have written that uses that label.

OK. I hope that all makes sense... cause I am not gonna proofread. Let me know your questions! Good luck!!! I can't wait to start looking for my favorite recipes or ideas of yours...


Ms. Tee said...

These lunch boxes are so sweet - there's just nothing quite like a mama's love, is there. I love that you did this all the way thru your kids highschool years! :)

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Making those memories is SO important! Great post :)

Stitcher S said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

It's heartwarming to read these words, and to be reminded that there are so many ways to show love and that includes a mom fixing up a fine lunch for a child. I will go check out those lunchbox photos.

Take care, and I'll be back here again.

Sandy said...

I'm all about health w/my kids lunches - course they pretty much pack their own now, but occ I do for them :)

Jackie said...

These are cool Chris! Thanks for sharing such great stuff.

mslil65 said...

Aww...your post left me teary eyed. Thank you so much for your kind words!

Darlene said...

You go girl! I just wanted to let you know that I was wanting some ideas for fingerfood for my kids. I remembered this great post you did, and decided to hop over and see if I could find it using your labels. Wooohooo. I found it right away! Thanks!!

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