Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Make your own Bath fizz

My mind is bursting with all sorts of cute ways to decorate my bottles this year! I decorated these water bottles last Easter and will be on the look out for some fun Christmas paper for my bath fizz bottles, maybe even some pretty bath or spa paper at the scrapbook save the empty water and pop bottles! I am working on a cute label idea that I can add friends and family pictures to as well on my scrapbooking program here.

My girlfriend made this for me last year for Christmas and I loved it! Let me share here with you how to make Bath Fizz!

Bath Fizz

You'll need the Following:

1 1/3 c. Epsom Salts or Sea Salts

1 1/3 c. Baking Soda

1/2 c. Powdered Milk

1/2 c. citric acid powder (I purchase this in bulk at walmart in the pharmacy section or at health food stores in the beer/wine making section)

20 Oz. Plastic Soda or Water Bottle, washed out & Dried thoroughly (or 24 oz and add 2 T. More powdered milk)

10-15 drops of Vanilla Essential Oil Or Essential oil of your choice (Please note, Fragrance oils Can be used, but they tend to irritate sensitive skin. Essential oils are pure & less likely to irritate or cause reaction.)

Now.. How to Make Them!

In a large bowl combine the salts & baking soda, stirring thoroughly. Carefully add in the powdered milk, squishing it through your hands or sifting it to break up any lumps.
Next, add your essential oils for your desired fragrance (see list of ideas below!), and blend well. Finally, add your citric acid, and mix it in if children are making these, be sure they wash their hands immediately following this step.)

Next, Roll a piece of paper into a cone shape to use as a funnel, or use a funnel & carefully pour the bath fizz gently into the bottle. The Contents may settle a bit, tap it gently on the counter, continue filling & then cap it off tightly.

Now.. It's time to decorate your ...Soda Bath Fizz.

You can decorate your bottle several ways.... by adding a strip of paper (printed on your computer) as a label, or with pretty ribbons. Let your imagination run wild as you design a "soda". "Flavors" Cream Soda Fizz: Vanilla Essential Oil Cherry Vanilla Fizz: simply add 2 pkgs of unsweetened Cherry Kool-aid to the above recipe. The color will be a very light pink, & smell delicious! Ginger-Ale : Omit Vanilla Essential oil & add 10 drops Ginger Essential Oil & a couple small slices of dried ginger root if desired. "Ginger Ale Fizz - soak out whatever "ales" you." Tropical Paradise: add 2 pkgs tropical punch kool-aid Grape Soda Fizz: Omit Essential Oil & add 2 pkgs Grape Kool-aid Orange Soda Fizz: omit essential oil & add 2 pkgs orange kool-aid Orange Cream Soda Fizz: vanilla essential oil & 2 pkgs orange cool aid
Attach a Tag:
I'd "Soda" like to wish you a Merry Christmas! Add a couple Tablespoons to a full tub, It's Soda-lightful! We're Soda-Lighted to wish you a Happy Holiday

These are so much fun and so easy to make up and decorate way in advance! Great stocking stuffer's along with birthday gifts as well! ~enjoy!

**** working on a really cute little book that I am making out of some Easter scraps, scrapbooking paper. I had some really cute Easter stickers left over as well, and it is turning out really cute! I'll post it when I get finished with it!


P-Dot said...

What a great idea!!! But how can I make shower fizz as those of us in the old folks home only have a shower. They don't trust us with a tub I guess.
I could just make it for those that actually have a tub.

Christine Lynn said...

Will search the land for shower fizz!

Ms. Tee said...

What a cute idea - you're so crafty! :)

Darlene said...

That is so cute. I look forward to your ideas for homemade Christmas gifts!

am I a loser that I thought, "hmmm, wouldn't it just be easier and cheaper to buy some bath salts at TJMaxx or something??"