Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Simple Woman's Daybook

I've seen this link on several blogs along with some of my friends and thought it would be fun to do,...a neat way to think about my day. I'm going to try and post this on Mondays, although I don't trust myself to keep up, but I am going to try it anyway . If you'd like to take part in this just follow the link to her page and follow along.

FOR TODAY..... November 18th, 2008

Outside my window ... Dark outside, cold and crisp Fall evening...perfect for running!

I am thinking ... That I will finish up the dinner dishes, work on my cross stitch project and read another chapter of my book.

I am thankful for...Dave and the fun relationship we have together along with how good he is to me. He is hardworking, funny, and trustworthy. Thank-you Lord.

From the kitchen...I baked a really good cake today and made a really nice turkey dinner for Dave and I.

I am wearing...Running shoes, black sweat shirt and running pants.

I am creating...Some Christmas cards and finishing up some scrapbooking pages for the boys albums.

I am going...to Fred Meyers tonight with Dave to buy some paint and then one more mile on my walking for the day with Dave and the Pug

I am reading...Lynn Austins "Gods' and Kings" again!

I am hoping...to stay home all day tomorrow and work on some fun projects while listening to Christmas music and drink my hot tea.

I am hearing ... Alan Jackson, "Let it be Christmas every where"

Around the house...it is clean and in order right now,... feels good.

One of my favorite things ... getting ready for the next holiday, Thanksgiving! =O)

A few plans for the rest of the week: Coffee/tea with a few friends this week,... make a list of things I want to accomplish,... work on Holiday projects,... go over my new cook book and find some new and fun meals to make,.. get a care package off to Alison,... take Elliot out to lunch after his college class this week,.... drop in on Andrew for a visit, maybe take him to lunch as well,...make a thank-you card for a gift recieved this week.

Here is picture thought I am sharing...


Tammy said...

Enjoyed reading your "The Simple Woman's Daybook"

Your crafts are beautiful,I wished I had been gifted with that talent but I just break out in a sweat. :)

Love your blog title.

Thanks for the visit,

Christine said...

Thank-you Tammy,..this is my first one and I am excited about doing it. I felt calm just taking a moment and thinking about it...was fun.

Thanks about the crafts, and if I wasn't allowed to copy others I'd probably never do crafts at all!...lol There really are so many great ideas out there to inspire us.

The blog title is my life and is true, it never ends!

P-Dot said...

I saw that on a few other blogs but I had no idea what it was. What a good idea for those that are too busy and time challenged. Not me anymore, I run around looking for stuff to do.

Christine said...

I could sure use you over here!...lol

Honey Mommy said...

This looks like fun. I may have to check it out!

Ms. Tee said...

I like your daybook, too. :) You are so busy - and so good to get in all that exercising!

And you already fixed some turkey? You are too good. :)

I hope you have a wonderful week!!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Christine, thank you for stopping by! I know lots of others will really enjoy Eddie's blog too, so I had to share. THere aren't that many blogs out there that totally impress me with the thrifty projects & finding great stuff, so I loved what I saw on his blog so much.

HOpe you'll come back to see me often! I can't wait to start Christmas decorating now.

Darlene said...

I think that you and Jax should join our next Yes to God study!!! You guys would be great! It starts in January (after Christmas, thank goodness!!!!).
Thank you for always encouraging me as I share my heart, sweet friend!
PS I dont think I ever told you... I ordered my book from christianbook.com (a fave of mine)

Christine said...

Keep me posted and I will join it with you in January...sounds fun! I'll pass this off to Jax!

Thanks Darlene! =o)

Jessica said...

Thanks for stoping by. I love your blog! You will be seeing more of me here!

Jessica said...

I just noticed the name of your blog! It goes perfctly with my posting today!