Friday, November 7, 2008

Some things are just better left alone

I have been reading a book called "Barbara and Susan's guide to the empty nest" full of advice for this new adventure Dave and I are entering into called the "Empty Nesters." It doesn't really matter what season I'm in or what is going on, I tend to go into book over drive, getting every possible idea to hit the new season armed for success.

So I'm reading one of the chapters sharing helpful ideas on how to reconnect and put the focus back onto each other again. It reminds me of the books I read about healthy marriage relationships before kids...should of held onto those books! So the book tells me that we need to support one anothers interests, do things together, not because you particularly enjoy the event, but because you enjoy being with your partner...ok I'm game.

So I set the book down and have this little conversation with my empty nest partner, and of course he is all for it and agrees that indeed it is a great idea, and by the way "would you like to go to the car show with me tonight?"

Why do I always have to go first...did not cross my lips, but I must say it did cross my mind.

Now, as we are paying $10.00 a piece to enter the car show, (who in the world came up with charging people to look at cars? I mean it is one thing to be dragged through the Ford car lot every Sunday after church, but now they want to add salt to the wound and charge me?)I might also add right here... that this is worth the equivalent of two chi lattes and a book at "Half off books" down the street, and not only don't they charge you to look at their books, you can even read them!

I kindly told the lady collecting our hard earned money aka my hot drink money not to mention my half off book, that it really should be a crime to charge people to look at cars that don't even like looking at cars. As a matter of fact I have like six cars in my drive way I can look at 24/7 for free, and if I want more I can take a walk around my neighborhood and look at even more cars. I'd even be willing to take a lie detector test just so you know I'm not lying when I say I really don't like looking at cars!

Needless to say she wasn't very understanding in the slightest, as a matter of fact she tried to sell me a program of more cars to look at and even had the nerve to hand "ME" the bag to carry all the free pamphlets Dave would receive once inside the car show! That empty Nester's book was pretty darn fresh on my mind and I honestly didn't recall the part where I carry the bag.

All the while I am thinking that darn empty nest book is what got me into this predicament! I mean things were just fine between us before this book and I now am seeing things getting very ugly. I mean I thought we had worked all of this out? Like when he goes and looks at cars, he invites a guy friend to go with him. I on the other hand stay home and work on crafts, read good books or just talk to my girlfriends on the phone all night until he gets home. And when I go to crafty events he stays home,watches TV, reads his paper and falls asleep waiting for me to get home. This really was working so why in the world did I mess with a good thing,...right?

So,...after I drag him through 10 hours of the up coming craft bazaar at the fair grounds,... we will be even and then we can both go back to the way things were.

I Can't wait!


P-Dot said...

ME...laughing and laughing and laughing...!!!!!!!!!!
Ya' shudda told me what you were thinking and I would have warned you.
Don't fix it if it ain't broke.
More laughing.......

Christine Lynn said...

Is this a laugh like that night at mom and dads condo on the couch during that game? Just

Next time I will consult you on this! LOL

Jackie said...

Chris...thank you so much for the heads up!! Let's see. You may need to remind me in about 6 years. LOL! Hugs, Jax

P-Dot said...

Yep, pretty much!!!! Sorry, is it cruel to laugh?

Joyce said...

This sure added a smile to my face. Sooo... cute but so much truth!!! OK the million dollar question did you find a nice sporty car you liked or could see yourself daydreaming in?
Thanks Christine for the laughs and for visiting my blog. I'll be back...

Darlene said...

this is hilarious, girl!!

Christine Lynn said...

Blogger Christine Lynn said...

Jackie , looking for this book at the used book store, Ha! Nah I'll save it for ya! lol

Penny, laughter is a good medicine...I read that some where ya know!

Joyce, Big welcome here,...I enjoyed my visit at your site, I'll be back there as well. And I have a sports car that he bought me for my 21 year anniversary, you'd think I for one would enjoy looking at cars!

Hey Darlene, always nice to see ya...glad it made you

Ms. Tee said...

So funny! Sometimes books help & sometimes NOT! lol :)

Anonymous said...


That was funny!!! You have a wonderful way of putting things. I think it comes from you father :)

Every man should have a daughter justlike you!

Christine said...

Ms you tell me!

Daaaaaaaad! Yeah I am sure I got that from you...wait til mom sees that! hugssss