Monday, December 22, 2008

No amount of snow stopped this group Sunday...

....and believe me there was a lot of snow!!!!! Thank you John and Papa for the safe rides around town Sunday in the snow....oooooh so pretty!

Nick, Kelsey, Elliot, Ali, and Anya

Brother John sharing his dessert with us

Anya and Ali sharing dessert

Nana, Ali, Elliot and papa

John, dad and me

We can't seem to get dad to open his eyes for the picture!
Me, Elliot and sweet Kelsey (now Kel-Kel is closing her eyes too!)

Elliot, Kel-Kel and Cyndy

Anya aka my 2nd daughter, Ali and Nana

Anya, myself, Elliot and Kel-Kel at the Benaroya Hall

Mom and Dad treated us all to the Seattle Symphony's "Handel's Messiah" Sunday afternoon. It was absolutely beautiful! Afterwards we all headed over to our favorite restaurant "13 Coins" and had an awesome dinner. I wasn't allowed to take pictures during the performance but they didn't say anything about the intermission so I think I am safe here.


Ms. Tee said...

How neat that you got to go to Handel's Messiah and spend so much time with your kids! :)

P.S. I *always* close my eyes when someone is trying to take my picture :)

Jackie said...

Great pictures Chrissy. And I love Handel's Messiah too. So awesome how everyone stands during the Allelujah Chorus. I love that. Glad you were all able to go. And glad you shared it with us. Hugs! Jax

Christine said...

Ms.Tee ~ It was the best age to take them to it! @ you closing your eyes too!

Jackie ~ I know, I am with you, I love that part me goose bumps everytime! Wish you guys could of been there with us...would of been perferct!

P-Dot said...

Love the first pic of the Farkle Mommy. The older she gets the more photogenic she gets. Looks like a good time was had by all.

Christine said...

We had a wonderful time! I think she looks good in pictures...she hates to have her picture taken so it is like pulling teeth getting her in pictures!

Anonymous said...

I love all of this: great pictures and so many memories.

Anonymous said...

what a fun time was had.
we are just fun people!