Friday, July 10, 2009

When I listen

God always amazes me when I take the time to listen to Him in the everyday things in my simple life here on this earth. I am in constant awe that I actually, every now and again, get it. Or that He even has a speck of time in His day to send me a message, knowing all full and well, that most of what He says to me goes in one ear and right out the other. You see, I’m far to busy with the things of the world and sometimes even consumed trying to figure things out on my own for myself and sometimes I even catch my self trying to figure things out for God as well.

As I am in my office I hear a cry from down stairs, “Mooooom! I don’t get how to fill out this form?” As I yell back, “ Just bring it here and I’ll help you through it.” There it is, that still small voice in my head, coming right back at me from God. “Isn’t that what I say to you?” He lovingly reminds me to bring it to Him. Not only will He figure it out for me, He will help me through it.

I, like my child,
can either sit here and try to figure it out on my own or I, like my child, can cry out for help.

I could make a list a mile long and yet He will still say, “Bring it to me if you can’t do it.”

Don’t you just love how Jesus used the child in the gathering of 5000 people to feed them all. I mean really, this crowd is getting anxious and the disciples are feeling the tingle of losing so many to give an important message to and for what? The small over looked problem of no food to feed this hungry crowd, they may lose an opportunity to share God's word with many people. As we all know, our God wasn’t about to lose his audience to hunger pains in their bellies.

This little boy stands up and offers his lunch and I can only imagine the thoughts of those around who heard this little guy make this meager little offer. Yet our Saviors response was so classic of the God we serve….”Bring the lunch here to me.” He then takes that meager little offering, the littlest bit offered in the greatest amount of Faith and multiplied it beyond anyone’s expectations.

I don’t know about you, but I know that I need God to do that for me every single day of my life. When things are to big and to far out of my reach, it is at this point that I need to turn it over to Him. And then I need to stand back and watch Him multiply my meager little offering into something simply amazing.

I'll bet that little boys mom sure was glad she sent him off with a lunch that day. =O)

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