Monday, July 12, 2010

So far...

...we are having a berry fun summer. Don't these berries, from my husbands berry patch, look absolutely wonderful!

Here is one of our many plum trees in our back yard, which I might add, is looking very promising for a great harvest. I can not wait, to pick that first ripe plum, not to mention, the first batch of jam from this sweet fruit bearing tree.

I am excited, once again, to wrap some of these jams up and send them off as gifts to friends and family. I bought these cute little Polish glass spoons at a little shop at the Pike Place Market to pass out with a few of my jams. The burlap I used here was from a bag that some corn came in. I saved some cute cards that I have received and cut them up to make these cute cards for my jam. All in all ~ I think they turned out really cute.

Our little pond is full of tadpoles and a few surviving gold fish that made it past, not only our long cold winter, but a few hungry raccoons as well.

Our strawberries and Raspberries are all tucked away in the freezer now in the form of freezer jam.

I hope this summer, thus far, finds each and every single one of you happy and healthy.

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