Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I set Lucy loose!

Don't laugh...this could happen to you one day!

Don't let the tree fool ya...we had a wonderful Christmas time here. Believe it or not I have made peace with this little twig of a tree that my husband and son brought home for the daughter and I to decorate.

I will not lie, I grumbled and complained like you would not believe and not to mention a lot of laughter that ended with, "Are you two serious?" I honestly thought they were joking with me and that any moment now the real tree would be pulled in from the from the front porch. No such luck.

As I told the daughter, any one can take a perfectly beautiful tree and make it more beautiful but it takes real talent and some love to make something like this beautiful. For a brief moment, my husband and son became Charlie Brown and the daughter and I turned into Lucy!

Our attitudes can make or break a family time quicker than anything I know of and so I quickly, (Thank-you Lord) turned my Lucy attitude around, and I must say, this little spindly tree ended up becoming my favorite thing to end and start my day with. We hung all silver and crystal ornaments on to it's limp little branches along with 3000 strands of tinsel and it really ended up looking pretty adorable.

It's not about the tree, but the Saviour
It's not about the shopping, but the giving
It's not about the running around, but the being in the moment
We did less decorating and more living this Christmas.
I enjoyed more time in His word and praising Him through it all.

It was a wonderful Christmas in this household, that is.... as soon as I let Lucy go.

We were going to add candy canes to it, but everyone said, "no~ it's to elegant for that." I agreed.

Although.... never hurts to have a back up plan.

Happy Birthday Jesus, and thank-you for cleaning us up as well...from the inside out.

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