Wednesday, April 13, 2011

{Brokenness} offering of healing

Another hurt. Another broken. Another hardened heart.

Another abandoned.

Another alone.

Another deceived by the one they love.

Another taken captive by the powerful drug

that promises to remove the pain;

a promise that can not be kept.

{Momentary} is not shared.


healing with out the Healer,

It can not be.


You have recorded my troubles.
You have kept a list of my tears.
Aren’t they in your records?

~Psalms 56:8


We pray


We hug


We cry


pray some more.


His Nailed Hand holds our prayers


{Forgiveness} Welcomed

again, and again,


He loved first.


He forgave first.



Today is recorded in the heavens and its pains are written with the wet of tears of God who “hurts with the hurt of my people.” ~Jeremiah 8:21

His word is breathed onto the pages of this Holy book that I touch, this book that I read.

New every day.

His words and His Holy Spirit comfort me like no other.

He always knows

What to say and when to say it.


We never ache without God attending, and He can’t stand to see a tear fall to the floor. God cups our grief and puts our tears in His bottle

Psalm 56:8


As broken as we are, as cracked as we are; Only He knows how to turn our ashes into beauty.

Give it to Him

and then

Stand back and watch His glory shine through

all of our broken pieces.

Hurt in our lives that represent holes, cracks, brokenness;

can not be taken away from,


They can be filled by Christ.

His glory is waiting and ready.

His love is never ending.


What a

Tender and compassionate


we have.

He hears, He promises, He comforts.

He waits....


Carolyn said...

Thank you, Christine. It's like you always know what I need to hear. :)

Lynette said...

Beautiful post...thank you:-)

Christine said...

I like it when God does that. =O)

Yay, God.

Deborah said...

Just beautiful...thank you xo

Deborah \0/

Carol said...

This is such a beautiful post. Thank you for this.