Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Elsie Dinsmore

I introduced my daughter to the Elsie Dinsmore books back when she was in the first grade. Every evening before bedtime we'd snuggle in her little twin bed together and read these enchanting stories together.

Each chapter leaves you wanting more and more and more.

There were even some week ends where we'd do nothing but lounge around all day reading together. It was as though we could not get enough of her life stories. As soon as we'd finished one book we'd pick up the next.

I have a young girl in my Sunday school class that I am loaning these books out to one at a time. Her father told me that Elizabeth finishes the book in two days and then can not wait to get back to church to retrieve the next book from me. As she hands me number two I hand her number three and so on.

These stories are based on the classic by Martha Finley. The journey with Elsie begins more than 150 years ago in the South, two decades before the war between the States. Little Elsie Dinsmore has never known the love of a parent. She goes through many trials and tribulations.

Elsie turns for comfort, guidance, and hope to her little bible and to Jesus, her closest and truest friend. What a beautiful message to our young girls.

I must say that both Alison and I were a little sad when Elsie grew up and our series here ended.

[In] the whole of world history there is always only one really significant hour — the present… ~Dietrich Bonhoeffer



Cindy said...

I bought this set for my youngest daughter when I was homeschooling her and ended up reading them all myself. I don't know if she ever finished the series but when she got married and moved out, she didn't want to leave them behind and took them with her.

I like your new profile photo!

Christine said...

I think I might revisit these stories myself. Thank you Cindy.