Friday, April 8, 2011

Left Overs

I love Wasabi and soy Almonds and usually have a can sitting on my desk to snack on. Ok ~ this isn't about what I like to snack on but the snack can itself. These cans are the perfect size for my little door hanging Easter treat container/baskets. I don't like having tons of candy around nor do I like handing tons of candy over to kids so I thought this would be the perfect size.

I am Making some of these little Easter baskets to hang on the doors for a couple kids not to mention a couple friends doors as well, just for the fun of it.

So I washed out the can....

Hot glued some ribbon to the outside of the can for my handle...

Selected paper, cut it out to fit around the outside of the can and used my glue stick to attach it to the can....

And WaLa!

Filled the can with some cute shredded paper, added a cute little sugar chick peep, a furry little wind up Chick and some yellow lemon drops.

Hey, it isn't world peace but it sure turned out cute not to mention a good way to recycle.

Linking up with Tatertots & Jello this week end.


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