Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I stand here looking at the colors and I actually kind of like what I see.

Not sure


what I am looking at but it sometimes feels safe not knowing, not getting to involved not being drawn into the reality of what this color really is.

Right now,

it can be,

What I want it to be.

Do I stay and allow my eyes to adjust to the brightness of light,

or do I,

go back inside,

into dark where it felt safe?

My eyes were not yet adjusted to the sunlight and I had a choice to make;

stand here, squint and allow my sensitive eyes to adjust,


do I go back into the dark where it felt safe and familiar?

I make a choice,

and I stay...

..and before I knew it,

my eyes begin to adjust to the brightness.

Sometimes I think about what I have missed out on,

but today,

I am glad,

that I waited for my sensitive eyes....

.... to adjust to my new surroundings.

It is at this very moment when we stand in the middle of His living word,

and just allow ourselves the time to adjust to His light,

that we too,

can see the beauty in his garden.

{His} fragrance is beautiful.

“…look with your eyes and hear with your ears and pay attention to everything I am going to show you, for that is why you have been brought here. ~Ezekiel 40:4


Connie said...

I love it!! So true!! I bet you have been literally surprised and it's been an adjustment to the sunlight up there in WA after your long winter!!

Love ya, Connie

Deborah said...

Beautiful and enlightening...
In His light, we see light.
Bless you and thanks so much for dropping inxo

Deborah xo

Christine said...

Connie..you know that if I had my way I'd be living right next door to you two sitting on that deck and enjoying the view with a cup of coffee.

Deborah..I love your style and am refreshed when I visit you.

Amy said...

What a beautiful and inspiring blog!! Thanks so much for visiting so I could find your little corner of the internet, stay awhile, and enjoy...

Amy :) at www.lovetocrop.com

Christine said...

I enjoyed your little corner as well Amy...it kept me busy for a while...so many wonderful projects...I will be back soon.

Sandy said...

Christine i really liked this!This last year has been an adjustment for me. Becoming clean and sober and turning my will and my life over to God has been like readjusting to my world all over again. First, yes the light is so bright and at times thinking about retreating back to the dark does come into my mind. But i keep on going forward and am very happy that the bright light continues to get brighter and brighter as i grow closer to God and His unending Love...
Thanks so much for sharing this sis.
love you,

Christine said...

Sandy, Your walk is a testimony to those you reach out to and witness too...keep on walking sweet sister, you bless us.=O)

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