Monday, June 6, 2011

Spring Time and Apple Pie {thankful}

You know it is a good Monday when this comes out of the oven

Thankful for :

son got a good job...
daughter is almost finished up with her Jr Year of College
taking care of our children Lord
church family continues to be closer and stronger in the word
fruits of our labor
a snoring Pug
birds chirping
smell of hot coffee
hot apple pie out of the oven
afternoon sunshine
rugs hanging on my deck
flowers in the garden
a good book on cd while I work
a phone call from the husband
business cards finished up
clean office
buzzer of my washer
the smell of downy
colorful paper clips
prayer journal
mess left over from a fun week end
bike ride
chocolate pudding in the fridge cooling off for dinner
blt's for dinner
smell of sunscreen
money spent on ministry
flowers in containers around the house
open windows
a breeze
simple life
part time job
new friends
new bible study group in the mornings
a bike riding friend
fresh cut grass
pulled weeds from my garden
no pain today in my body
bumble bees in my garden
more planted blueberry bushes in my yard
sound of the water flowing from the pond
bible study on deck in the back yard
the sound of my neighbor working in the garden
may husband
my three children
my family

I continue to thank Him


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