Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Watermelon Summers

We lost a family member yesterday. My husband's older brother passed away and we are all feeling this void, this hole...this loss.
In honor of our brother/friend we have all been telling stories and talking about all the things he liked...things that remind of us of him. We cherish these memories more dearly now than ever before...like watermelon. He loved watermelon in the summer time. He use to stop by the local fruit stands on his way home from Yakima and bring us, sometimes, ten at a time.If one is good ten must be better.
There are so many more things that remind us of him but I think that watermelons in the summer times now are going to hold a lot more meaning than ever before.

Right now this all makes me cry but someday I look forward to when it makes me smile.

Thank you Paul, for sharing your love of life with all of us.

You are going to be dearly missed