Sunday, November 20, 2011

What if...

This sure puts a different {perspective} on things.

My salvation

desire to seek truth
My husband who is patient and kind
My children whose smiles delight my soul
My parents who raised me in a Christian home
A warm home
A true love and desire to Dig deep into Gods word
A wonderful church that challenges us to live out the Call
Great friends who let you cry your heart out & share your joy
Beautiful fall days
Cool weather
Home made quilts stacked up in a basket
Crochet projects
Cross stitch
Rest from summer season
Clean Laundry
Clean dishes on the counter
Snoring Pug
The smell of lemons in my dish soap
Bubble baths and hot showers
A hubby that starts a load of laundry when he stops in during the day

Forever being thankful.

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