Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Thankful {moments}

I really believe that the best way to begin a week, 
or change a life is...
 to give glory-thanks to God. 

Glory-Thanking-you Lord for:

Light in a dark world
Your Holy Spirit

 lemons on my table 
all size prayers answered
brothers and sisters in Christ who care through action of Love
Your Holy Word
Your Son who intercedes for me
lost keys found

summer harvest
warmth of sunshine on my face
a home of calm and love
Wednesday evening fellowship and bible study
that you deliver me from my enemies Psalm 59:1
ability to memorize your word...I am so grateful.  

perfect amounts of sunshine and rain to produce your glory in our humble earthy garden.
down time with my husband, whom I love and adore.
three precious children

 Just enough warmth on the deck to take a nap on


Thank-you Lord for everything


thankful moments.


Deborah said...

And thank you Lord for Christine....such a beautiful and tender spirit.

Much love,
Deborah xoxo
(We're here on the first evening of our vacation with 3 of our sons...bliss :) )

Christine said...

Deborah, you are kind. I hope that you and your family enjoy your time together to the fullest! ((hugs))