Wednesday, September 17, 2008


All of this stuff goes up to the dorm with Alison this week-end...well every thing except the Pug...he stays with me! Hey poopty, we're getting your fridge tonight! Let me know what else we need to bring you...any paper or supplies from staples? Let us know...see ya soon Poopty Doodle girl! -- Love ya!


J said...

Well low and behold I finally figured on how to get on your blog.....
very entertaining and spritual. I think you are one of my funniest friends:)

Kudos to Alison on her decision....Kaytlyn is right there with here..coaches on the bench again!!

Coffee date soon??


Christine said...

You know I love you Janice! I knew you could figure this out...because out of the two of us you are the smart one!!!!! I talked with LaurieAnn next week with the three of us? I'll call you, better yet I'll text ya...see I can learn! talk soon...kudos for chomping chip monk, I really think a year off for these girl's bodies to heal is a good thing!

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