Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sweet gift for Sweet Kelsey...had to share!

Kelsey leaves for college this week end...yikes...what will we do with out her? Well I can guarantee that if we are feeling a loss here that poor Elliot is really feeling it! She wanted cookies so I baked her up some cookies and made her this cute little box to give them to her in. I love this picture of the two of them, so I attached this to the top of the box I decorated for her. I also copied off some pictures of the two of them and put them inside the box as well.


Darlene said...

Christine, Thank you for your kind comment on my post. I am enjoying checking out your blogs. I would love to add one to my blogfeed so that I can check back in with you, and then link to your other blogs. Which blog would you consider your 'primary' blog... or which do you think would be best to add to my blogline link?
Thanks! Your family looks darling!

Christine said...

Thanks Darlene...always fun to find other sisters in the Lord! I am making the muffins today, they smell so yummy!

Jackie said...

Hi Chrissy,

I like this cool box. I checked out your traditions post and that was way cool too. Keep posting. You're giving me good ideas. Blessings, Jax

Christine said...

Isn't that paper cool! I loved it! It was fun decorating it and she really liked it...going to miss her..she is such a sweetie!