Monday, September 29, 2008

Drats.. I almost missed my one month Birthday!

Yes, Family and Friends...I have been journaling here now for one month...August 29th, 2008! The really sad thing is,...I still haven't figured the whole site out yet...a few little bugs to deal with, but hey, with a little bit of help from my friends and a few long distant calls to Jackie...I will get there!

Ok, so I had to borrow this cake from the twins party from last year,.... so if I were you' I wouldn't eat it, just look at it! --- I didn't have time to make one...and if you must know, I borrowed the balloons and the cards from Dave's Party too! But believe me, there will be a cake, and there will be dancing, and there will be decorations and a lot of celebrating to be done today to mark this very important day of my one month journaling mile stone! I know this is pathetic, laugh if you may, but.....please note...this is the only thing I got going on here at the moment and it is BIG!

I really need to get the calendar filled up with some stuff where did I put that dogs other outfit......

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Jackie said...

Drats! I did miss my one month birthday!