Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fall Cleaning...the name of the bug I have right now!

I have been engrossed in cleaning my house, not sure what bug has entered my system but I seem to have it really, really bad! Poor Dave came home and couldn't find anything....maybe it's in the garbage ..just a

The Twins are into their first week of College and so far no melt downs.
They both, so far, seem to like their classes and teachers.

I have been seeing the kids walking to school every morning from our neighborhood and I just smile at the thought that I am done with the busyness of those younger years. I'm really enjoying this new season that I am in, and in all honesty, I didn't think I'd like it one bit...but I really do


Jackie said...

I need to get the Fall cleaning bug! Where did you find it? LOL...Glad the kidos are doing well and you are enjoying this season. Hugs, Jax

Darlene said...

that gives me hope! and a touch of jealousy...! but also, nostalgia, as I just don't want my little ones to grow up, EVER!
Gotta go... being interrupted. Again.


Christine Lynn said...

Sending the bug your way Jackie!!! Want the gloves too?

Darlene...I truly loved each season and was truly concerned about going into a deep depression when my kids got to this stage,...but it really has been ok. I so know what you mean about not wanting the little ones growing older...I wanted to hold on to them all forever. I guess we always will be holding on to them, but just a little differently is all. Each stage has been a lot of fun!