Sunday, September 21, 2008

Football and Popcorn...

Not sure why this is but -- I have never been a real big football fan except when food of some sort is involved! For instance, you put a big bowl of popcorn in front of me and I'll watch
just about any sport...well until the bowl is empty that is, than I'm off to another part of the house. Sorry

We had a really good week end here -- it was busy, but a fun kind of busy. Taking all day tomorrow off to rest, I just may head on over to the scrapbook store and take one of their classes they offer on Mondays for free. Other then that I am planning on digging into Proverbs 31 ...this chapter has been on my heart lately and I want to really dig into it.

Another goal I'd like to meet is to put chapter 3 of Colossians to I will be working on that as well. Wish me luck, better yet, why don't you join me.

Love and Blessings =O)


Darlene said...

I love your new pictures! Your daughter(s)? look just like you! I would love to see pictures of your family in your sidebar, with their names,etc. so I can figure out who is who!
That popcorn looks great! I am off to check out your Kitchen blog.

Jackie said...

Hi Chrissy, You better believe it. Food baby! That's what sports are all about. HA!

Jackie said...

I love those passages too! Steve H. recently preached a whole sermon series on Colossians. Good stuff! I am working on learning some scriptures also. You go! God has been showing me that the only time I truly have something wise to share with others is when it comes from Him and His awesome, living, life-giving word. Love, Jax

P-Dot said...

I had no idea you were a "fair weather" popcorn eater.
That explains a lot.

Jackie said...

Hey Chris,

What's the story behind the Wheaties box? I can't remember or never knew. Do tell. Have a great day! Love, Jax