Friday, October 3, 2008

Dinner down to two...

We have been going back and forth here on whether or not to continue the tradition of the big Chili bash we have had here for the past 18 some years now on Halloween night. I'll admit I am the one torn, do I just, for the first time in 18 years, sit back and have a nice quiet night at home and pass out some candy, watch a movie and head on to bed? Or do we once again go all out, decorate, rent the movies,make the food and invite the crew over?

Andrew moved out a year ago and is on his own. Alison is a two hours away at college and can't come home that week end due to her volleyball team schedule. Elliot only has one class at college on Fridays and very well may take off for Central that week end to visit Kelsey.

Dave said the show must go on, so we will be having our party for the first time in over 18 years with out the kids and their friends over. I am so use to the seams on this house bursting full of the kids and their friends.

I guess I'd better get up in the attic and find all the outside decorations and then head on down to the local produce stand and buy me some pumpkins for the yard! I'm thinking that the oldest son and his room mates might like a hot bowl of chili and a cup of hot cider as well.

Times are a changing around here for sure...but the chili dinner is still on!

I have a four berry cobbler in the oven right now and it smells heavenly! I am making a new mash potato recipe with blue cheese that sure is yummy along with a chicken swiss cheese wrapped in a thin slice of ham. I'll have to post the recipe for the dinner I am making for the two of us is turning out yummy so this is what it is like to make dinner and bake with out a million other things going on all around you!

Have a great evening and week~end everyone!


Jackie said...

Yes, please. I'd love the recipes. Does Dave give out the chili recipe? Hmmmmm?

Joy said...

I bow down to you for choosing to host a big Halloween party for 18 going on 19 years. I stress too much when I host a party...will I have enough food? will I be a good host? will people have fun? And that's how I talk myself out of having parties.
I wish I could be more like you and just enjoy the process. It sounds like a wonderful tradition.

Christine Lynn said...

Oh Joy I stress too, but once everyone gets here I am more than is a good way for me to get down to business here and get some things done...And we always end up having so much fun. to was so yummy!

Darlene said...

I will be looking forward to those recipes. My hubby loves mashed potatoes of any sort. And I love me some cobbler! Will you post them here, or on your other blogs (I mostly check this one).


P-Dot said...

One of the leaders at church was looking at me with the sideways glance while we were talking about how to do the halloween thing this year.(See, I'm rather new here and I volunteered to cook last year) I coyly suggested we have a Chili cook-off. Everyone brings their chili in a crock pot and cooking for me and no clean up afterwards. I will go to Costco and get crackers.
Sorry Chris, it's an age thing. Old age and treachery will over come youth and skill every time.

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