Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh happy Spring!

We have had the most bizarre weather here this Spring and I really hate to get to excited right now...but how can we not get excited about this! Here is the view Dave and I had tonight for dinner down at mom and dads. That is Mt Rainier and it was absolutely beautiful! I made a picnic dinner for us this evening ~ so we grabbed the Pug and headed over to eat our dinner with a view.

Here is a picture right out the front door of our house... I just love the spring flowers this time of the year.

Took my car out of the garage today...

Although I'm thinking Elliot was right, maybe we should of taken his truck.... I bought 25 carpet squares for my Sunday school class and Elliot was kind enough to help me pack them all home.

This is a beautiful spot we found to eat lunch with Ali on the campus at SPU in between games this past Saturday.

Alison and her team had a volleyball tournament this week end at SPU to go to. Not all of you know this, but Alison was injured a couple years ago at a volleyball tournament and blew out her knee. She had surgery which resulted in her missing out on her senior year of high school Volleyball along with her club volleyball season. She was still offered a scholarship to play College ball at the end of her senior year. She has been off the court for two years now. The Coach let her red shirt this year to allow more healing time on her knee.

This week end was the first time since the injury that we have seen Alison back on the court. She is living proof that if you work hard and keep your head in the game you can fulfill your dreams! Work hard and never give up! She played every game this week end and played very well. God is so Good! We are all proud of you Ali!

It's not about Winning;
it's the joy of competition and being blessed
with the opportunity to do what I love.
I've never been one to project myself as Number One -
I just go out and do my best that I can with what God has given me.
Coach Payton Jordan

Thank you for all your sweet comments and your friendships on here. It always amazes me how I can be so touched by people I haven't met yet feel as though some of you I have known forever. I hope I can be half the blessing to you as you have been to me!



Lorrie said...

Oh Christine, your pictures of Spring just lifted my heart! I hope the good weather stays with you! I'm looking forward to seeing some of the same beautiful scenery when I visit my sister in Oregon this summer. Enjoy every minute of this special time of year.

Lynette said...

Winter is starting to set in here in South Africa:( Those tulips are beautiful and I love your car:)

~K~ said...

Your pictures of spring are so uplifting!! Congrats to your daughter for getting back in the game and staying focused..!

Love you car..! Is it a Pontiac?

Rambling Girl said...

Love your pics Christine...and the view of where you and hubby had a picnic was breathtaking! Do share more pics of that place when you have some.

I remember when Ali got hurt...gosh doesn't seem like it has been two years....time goes by so fast! Glad she is able to play again.

Love your car or should I say another one of your babies!

I cherish our friendship also and you have inspired me also in more ways than one. Thanks!


Carrie said...

What a great view!

I am glad Ali is back playing!


jenjen said...

Happy Spring my friend! Your pictures are beautiful. And what a fun car. I can imagine you driving down the road with the wind in your hair. How cool!


Nina Diane said...

love your pictures! I haven't been able to take the top down on my car yet as the pollen is so bad...everything is yellow!

Tammyz said...

What beautiful spring pictures!! And that ride...TOTALLY you!! I love it!! That is ride to have adventures in!!

What a cool story about Ali and God's amazing provision! I am so glad she can use the gifts He has given her on the court again! You must be so proud of the entire journey she has been on and how she has continued to strive and grow through it all!

What about that brother of yours taking his sweet girl to that ball?? Whata God honoring Daddy!! I LOVE it!!

Blessings on you and your family, Friend!! Happy SPRING!! :D

Carol said...

Your picture of Mt Rainier is breathtaking! So glad to hear spring has arrived in your region.


Bonnie said...

Chris, wow what a beautiful day! I love those flowers. Hey, I could talk Volleyball all day long. Im so glad that Ali is back in the game. Volleyball is the best sport - it has changed ALOT since I played in college. Im so glad Ali is doing good and your enjoying the great weather!! Love ya

The Farmer's Wife said...

The thing I love about your blog posts is how much you pack into them! Beautiful photos, and it's good to hear what's going on in Washington.

Karen said...

Yay! She's back in the swing of things! Seems like forever since I watched one of the kids play hockey.
What a killer view of Rainier.
Our mountains have no snow left after today. Two days of 100 degrees plus . .. nope, no snow left.
I kinda cut off my fingertip tonight - 3 hours ER - ugh. hard time typing. More later . . . ;)
Hey! Wanna race? (hehehe)

Sit A Spell said...

I like your new made me smile.

You've got some great pictures of spring there...I was amazed that you have tulips blooming...we don't, but soon! They say snow for tomorrow...sigh. that shot of your car and all those carpet squares for church! (btw, great car)

Hey, I sent a good friend of mine your way...she lives kinda in your area.

That's great that alison is playing again...God is good!

Connie said...

Love your spring photos and glad to see you watching Alison play again. What fun! You are a blessing to me too! Love ya, Connie

The Davis Family said...

Thank you for your comment! I cross posted from SeanandCat to Kudzuvines. THe original post is on now which is and has been our family domain for years. I have to write on our work blog and have also maintained a protected blog. We'll see how this goes. I'm not good at not being transparent and eventually I'll name our kids and our location and tell all our best secrets! I'd certainly love to have you stick around if you're interested! :o)
~ Cat

Laurie said...

The view is beautiful! How exciting for your daughter to be back on the court!

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Christine, ~WOW~!
What an amazing view for dinner! You live in a very beautiful city.

Thanks for coming by and your kind words on our dining room. I really appreciate it.

It is really nice to have the friendships we make in the Blogworld isn't it?
Well said my friend.

Have a blessed week.
~Melissa :)

marty39 said...

The flowers outside your door are stunning. They are so pretty and the lake looked so inviting. Now the car is to die for and what about the carpet samples. What are you going to do with those? Your daughter is such a winner. What a blessing to work hard and overcome a major setback. What a just accomplishment.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving such kind comments. I have so enjoyed your blog and I will be back. Hugs, Marty

Sarah Dawn said...

Just found your site. Loving it, I'll be back.

Hugs from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn