Sunday, July 5, 2009

Summer Time = Busy time

Spring Lake in Santa Rosa

Started out with a trip to Santa Rosa....Thank-you dad for this wonderful dinner at the Culinary Institute of America - it was fabulous!

A visit with Papa in the hospital...he is home now.

Alison delivers a hug to her favorite papa.

All Papa wanted was some cherries and a Newspaper.

New out fits provided by Swedish hospital.

Dave takes us on a trip around Mt Rainier

I need a longer arm to take pictures....although if you asked the hubby he'd tell you I need to put my arm back in the car and navigate.

Beautiful day, beautiful Mountain...beautiful drive with the hubby...he even bought me a great lunch!

Loving the summer bar-B-Q's on the back deck.

Enjoying the kids home on break....

Fun day trips to Seattle....

Andrew stops by to visit with Alison after her knee surgery. She is recovered now and already back to the gym working out.

4th of July treats...well this one didn't turn out like the picture we saw - yet that didn't stop us from eating every last one!

Red white and kind of blue strawberries...the picture I took didn't even turn out on this! At least we tried.

Blue jello with Blueberries, Strawberries and whip cream...hint -- eat first when eating out on deck in 90* us on this one.

Alison and Anya ... my helpers in the kitchen.

Fun evening at the horse track for the fourth of July fireworks show. Fun Band, fun friends, fun watching the last race, fun fireworks, an all out fun evening.

Elliot is really more thrilled then he looks in this picture....he really, really, really is.

last race of the evening.

Waiting for the fireworks....

Bring on the fireworks....

They were awesome! Way more awesome then my pictures...I guess you will have to take my word for it...better yet, join us next year and see for yourself....I'll save a spot for you.

Hope your summer is eventful and safe.



Lynette said...

Love your pictures...I can just "feel" the love in your family. Enjoy your summer.

Karen said...

OK, I'll take you up on your invitation for next year! I think it looks like you have just been having a wonderful summer so far. But I miss you posting more often! I am so glad Alison is doing good since her knee surgery. Kids are so resilient. They just bounce right back.
Loved the tour of Mt. Rainier. That was gorgeous.
What a wonderful post. Thanks for catching us up on all you've been doing.
Have a great day! BIG HUGS! Karen

Sarah said...

Great pictures - nice to see what you have been up to. Love that you've been able to spend lots of tme with your family. Take care!

Connie said...

Wouldn't that be fun to see fireworks in Seattle! Glad to see you back and having a great time with your family. Love seeing what you are up to and happy that your daughter's knee is healing nicely.


Christine said...

Nice to see my buddies again! You are all invited next year for sure! =O)

Lisa said...

Great pics! Seems I haven't been to blogger land in a while. You all looked great in the yellow hospital required isolation gowns by the way. Hope you are having a great summer!

Darlene said...

thanks for the summer update! I just said a prayer for papa.