Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A few years down and a few more to go...

Elliot, Alison and Derek

We all made it through the first two years of college. YES!!!! I was thinking about all the things I could of chosen to worry about twenty years ago when the twins were first born, like how in the world are going to afford to get them through college? I am so thankful that I didn't know back then that the year our twins started college would be the beginning of the worst economy in years! It is a good reminder for me to continue to leave the worrying up to God...He does a far better job with all of this stuff than I do. Alison will continue her third year at the University on her Athletic scholarship, not playing this year, but assistant coaching. She ended up having yet another knee surgery and she is still unable to compete at the college level. If she can be 100% by her senior year then they will have her play again but for now it is best to give this knee a break. Thank-you Coaches.

The son, Elliot, continues at the local college working on his fire science and EMT course in order to pursue his fire fighter dreams....keep on going little guy... you can do it! I tell everyone that he spent the first half of his life trying to start fires and the second part putting them out!

Oh... and Derek up there.... is Alison's boyfriend. So not only, do I have a son snatcher, now I have a daughter snatcher!

God is good!

~ enjoy

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