Monday, June 28, 2010

Sunday School Blessings...

After a brief break from my Sunday school class, I am once again, back in the class room with my precious Sunday school children. I feel like the luckiest person alive being able to bring the bible to life for this precious group of children. These children are excited about learning and so much fun for me to teach.

Little red headed Matthew grabbed me in church as I walked past him last Sunday and pulled my face right in front of his and said with his most excited voice, "Ms Chris, I have a library card now and I don't even have to worry about taking the books back for a whole month!" What a sweet and simple joy in life to not have to worry about getting something back for an entire month.

Happy beginning to your summer everyone.


Lynette said...

We are freezing our butts off her in South Africa...must be the coldest winter in years in our little coastal town.

Missed your blog posts.

Lorrie said...

Hi Christine--I was so happy to wake up and see your comment on my post and then to find a new post from you too.

Matthew's excitement takes me right back to the time I got my first library card. I was 8 years old--you had to be able to write your own name in cursive to sign the application in order to get one--your mom couldn't do it for you. The card was a little cardboard square in a manila sleeve. For 20 cents I could buy a little paper shopping bag, printed with the library name on the side, to hold all my books. We were allowed to check out a total of 8 books at once and keep them for 3 weeks at a time. How I loved walking to the library each week in the summer with my friends,choosing my books, and carrying them home in my little bag. I would sit in a big wicker arm chair on our front porch and read for hours. It was a very sweet and simple joy back then, and it still is to this day.

Melissa Miller said...

Christine he is adorable! It was so nice to hear from you my friend. I thought you had stopped blogging for good.

You are so right. He! Wicker is a casual decor' type of item and here I am dressing it up. *Smiles*

Have a good day and come by anytime okay. ~Melissa :)

Laurie said...

Kids are great aren't they?!! Enjoy your Sunday Schoolers!!!

Christine said... has been a little chilly here for us as well...looking forward to summer.

Lorrie...Oh what great memories you stirred up inside of me, as i so remember practicing writing my name for my card as well. make everything beautiful!

Christine said...

Laurie..indeed they are! =O)

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