Thursday, December 2, 2010

A gift a day...December 2nd

Fun little gift for someone with a fun sense of humor....

The tag reads: Don't Snicker - just be glad you got something!

Fun family Christmas tradition. Every year, on the day that we go out and cut down our Christmas tree, I make what we call Christmas tree soup. I open a couple cans of Chicken noodle soup and toss in about a 1/4 cup Christmas tree pasta, that I picked up at Target or Trader Joe's. I usually either pick up a loaf of french bread at the bakery or I sometimes throw the ingredients into my bread maker that morning so that we can have some bread to dip into our soup.

A very simple.... easy.... yet warm meal for all of us to come home to after cutting the Christmas tree down on a cold winters day.

A funny story on our e-boy when he was little. We were at Target and a gal ahead of me in line was buying Christmas tree pasta and Elliot yelled out, "they must be going to get their Kissmas tree today, Mom!!!" I asked him, "what makes you think that?" "Because, he exclaimed, they are buying Kissmus tree pasta, and the only time you buy that, is when you are getting a Kissmus tree!"

Fun tradition!


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