Thursday, December 2, 2010

A Gift a day...December 3rd

This little gift will have to be listed under sweet and really silly!
Two ding dongs wrapped with a cute home made card.... a recycled home made card at that. I was thinking this would of been a great gift idea for the twenty fourth...cuz for sure we all have a basket full of cards by then!

OK..the Ding Dong is the sweet gift and the silly is what the card says...

Front of card: "Warmest wishes"

Inside of card: From your Ding Dong Neighbors!

The year my first child was born I started a Christmas book basket. Every Christmas I would purchase one new book for our Christmas basket. Of course Grandparents also added Christmas books to this basket as well. Needless to say I have enough books to start a little Christmas book store. Some of the stories, the kids pretty much, had memorized and of course everyone had their favorites so we would end up reading three books a night before bedtime. We spent a lot of fun afternoons simply snuggled on the couch reading Christmas stories and sipping hot cocoa from our Christmas mugs. Once Christmas was over though, that big old basket full of Christmas books, was taken right back up to the attic until next Christmas. Every year it was a real treat seeing those books brought back down to be enjoyed for another Christmas season.

Not only is, "The legend of the Candy Cane" a wonderful Christmas story it is also beautifully illustrated....

I would love to hear some of the traditions you have come up with and ways that you have made the Holidays special for your families.


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Jen @ said...

Hi Christine!! I love this idea of a gift a day. That ding dong one is funny!

You should totally make something with your old silverware. Did you see my silverware wreath? That might be fun - but you would need to bend the silverware. It's something you could display and keep. I have also seen a darling jewelry display that used silverware. Let me know if you want to see that one and I can send you a link.

I'm going to post your gift a day on my TT&J fb page and link to you :)


Becca said...

Love the Ding Dong one!!

We have a HUGE basket of Christmas books too that we only bring out at Christmas.

We have an Advent Calendar that I pick events instead of candy - "drink hot cocoa with Mom", "make a gingerbread house", go see Christmas Lights", etc. The kids look forward to it every year!


Christine said...

Thank you so much Jen and yes I want the link!

Becca..I like the idea of events over candy..I also like that you go and do things together...these traditions continue on even as they get older.

Anonymous said...

We have Christmas Eve at our house with my mom's best friend and her family. Plus, Nonni and Auntie come over before dinner and we exchange gifts. I can't remember other traditions we've had over the years.

I like Becca's Advent Calendar idea too. But there's no way Kevin would go for it!

And Chris that would be great for me and Mom to meet you for hot beverages. Maybe Allison can join us for a mother-daughter day?

Christine said...

..sounds like a fun date Sarah!