Saturday, May 7, 2011


A Dare to Live this life to the fullest
Right now, right here, right where we Are...

One thousand thank-yous is the challenge. Write them down daily. One thousand ways of saying I believe you Lord when you say, Be thankful for everything. Not just the good but all. During our most darkest, lonely and trying list continues to thank Him.

Thankfulness may not change our situations around us but it will change our perspective within us.

Thankful for my friends and my foes. My friends continue to be a blessing to me, to be with, they continue to give through the end of times. They give and give and give.
Yet my foes continue to take and rob...yet...thankful.... He continues to work things through me to make me understand Him more, what he did for me and how difficult it was for Him to give and give while his foes took all he had even his life, yet He still gives life to all who heeds His call...I learn this through one thousand thank yous to Him.

Thankfulness may not change deep evil but it keeps my heart from entering into its presence. It keeps self from wanting to seek food from it. Continue to be thankful through all things.

As I hit that one thousand mark, I kept on going and I can't help but be change from with in and all around.

Our Lord told a story of two men who appeared before God in prayer, a Pharisee who recited his virtues and a publican who beat on his breast and pleaded for mercy. The first was rejected , the other justified.

Thankful for :

His Holy word
reverent and Godly fear

a promise
warnings to keep my soul safe

a son who leans into God

A daughter who constantly seeks Him in all that she does
two loaves of bread baked this morning, one for foe one for friend
a husband who brought chi tea latte to my bed side and reads his paper while I rest for a busy day

holding hands
a hug

a busy day
A friend who called just to say hi
flowers on my porch wrapped in love
email from a far away friend
two brothers who keep in touch

sister in laws in the Lord who always encourage

a snoring Pug at my feet
hand knit socks on me feet
a son who sneaks in behind and hugs me
a new note discovered tucked under my key board from my daughter

a bible study with thirty ladies on Thursdays
crumbs on the counter and everyone and no one is bothered by it, even me
encouragement from unexpected places
a retreat at the ocean


couples here on Friday for movie and fellowship..we grow closer
bible studies
popcorn with Carmel drizzled with chocolate

my first Vegan dinner party

lunch with a Sunday school student
a gift

a clean home
laundry all put away
tea party with friends to plan
a treasured object sold to make it through a hard winter
a new friend made
a day on the island with new friendships blooming

coffee with my true love in the mornings before work begins

weeds in my yard
dark days
a part time job

rainy days that seem to have no end
a mom who grows in Him through it all
Brothers and sisters in the Lord to break bread with

Sunday lunches after church with family and friends

a new sister baptized in the Lord
true seekers of His
a visitor who was lead to our fellowship
a new brother who has found a home to worship here with us

tough economy
all needs met

sound of birds outside my window this morning
new neighbors move in behind us {more bread to be made}
bush peas in my garden

fund raiser dinners
Kentucky derby party today with friends
hope for what I can't see
grace for what I don't know
love through it all

I keep counting thankfulness and He keeps blessing and teaching me

everyday I pray
~enjoy and keep counting all

both the good times and the not so good times




Tanya said...

Lovely, simply lovely.

Deborah said... blessed me so...
I have been sharing in the 1000 list too....its life changing!
Have a wonderful day dear ....:)

Deborah xoxo

Nicole said...

This is just what I needed to read!