Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blessing counter...

The Lord grants his loving kindness in the daytime;
in the night season His song is with me….

~Psalm 42

Thankful for:

A sunny morning at church when son, who lives over an hour away, walks in with beautiful flowers for his mom~ Grateful.

The beginning of a new ladies bible study

Sister in laws in the Lord who share wisdom with me

A church home that feels safe to worship and pray

The scent of lemon dish soap

a son who comes home with coffee for me

flowers blooming in back yard that allows beauty to flow through my kitchen window

Daughter home for week end visit

sound of husbands voice

a day of rest

Visit to a local quilt shop with a friend

A lunch with a sweet niece

Lunch after church with mom, daughter and her boyfriend and my husband after a wonderful church service

Oat meal for Sunday dinner and everyone is fine with it

A new project to work on

late night needle point project while listening to sermons on cd

Gods word put to memory

a part time job with new full time friends

warmth of the sun on my face

flowers brought home for no special reason

a life of peace because of Him

Sheets out of the dryer

conversation between daughter and father as she cuts his hair in the kitchen

a life full of this beautiful Holy Spirit

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