Friday, April 13, 2012

Rainy evening project

Welcome, little pin Cushion, to my sewing table.

My daughter made an adorable purse out of this material a couple weeks ago while here at home on Spring break. I'm glad that I tucked the scrapes from her project aside for a rainy day project, or in my case, a rainy night project.

(Here is the You Tube video I found with good instructions on how to make this)



allisamazing said...

That is so cute :)

Maria said...

Aww what a beautiful pincushion! I love "rainy evening projects" like this! :o)

Jackie said...

Love this, Chris! You did a beautiful job!

Deborah said...

Its so beautiful!!
I have been wanting a pin I'm going to check it out.
Thanks for sharing!
Have a great week!

Deborah :)

Christine said...

Awe...glad you liked it. Fun and easy project. Blessings on your week.