Monday, May 14, 2012


 I once heard a story of a gal who had to deal with a lot of traffic on her way to and from work everyday.

 She said that one hot afternoon the traffic was at a complete standstill on I-5 and that the drivers all around her were getting a little testy...when all of a sudden from out of one of the car windows in front of her came bubbles.

She said that laughter could be heard and seen from with in the cars all around her and that all of a sudden there was a calming all around as they all just sat there, stopped in traffic,  just enjoying and watching the bubbles.

Kind of funny how a simple item, such as a bottle of bubbles, in the glove box, can create such a moment of calm not only for us but those all around us as well. She said that ever since that day, she always carries a bottle of bubbles in her glove box.

~enjoying the moments.
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