Sunday, May 13, 2012

Solar lights {and} Moms day

I found this really pretty and creative Solar light idea over at, All is amazing and so I made these two for my mom for mothers day!

If you'd like to make one of these little Solar Lights then you will need to purchase a solar light that comes apart, a jar with a clear lid and if you want to, you can add the green glass thingys like I did.
(I bought mine at the dollar store.)

I  found this little solar light for a couple dollars at Walmart.

I took the little base from the solar lights off, it just pulled right off.

I added some of the pretty green glass, as you can see, into my jar.

Then I took the solar light and just slid it into the lid. I didn't need to use any glue for these, they fit perfectly! You want the solar panel facing upward so that it can soak in the sunlight.

Waa is the pretty little solar light to either add to a garden or place on top of a table out side. They are so pretty all lit up at night. The color glass rocks you use will be the pretty colors you see in the evening. (You don't have to add the glass if you don't want to.) You should go over and visit, "All is amazing," and see how she made hers...they are very pretty! I am going to add twain to mine tomorrow like she did.


Here is a close up of the solar light inside the jar with the green glass.

Here they are on my patio table


Here they are in the evening...I can not wait to make some for myself now!

Happy Mother's Day MOM!


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