Thursday, October 18, 2012

Attitude of Gratitude

This season called Fall
Cold hands wrapped around a hot cup of tea
Leaves that fall off trees onto the front lawn
Hot lunch with a friend down town
Shopping with the daughter and husband for soap
Sitting around a long table every Wednesday evening reading Gods word
Monday bible study with mom and her daughter
Tuesday morning bible study around the Kitchen table with cherished sisters in the Lord
A heart ready to be formed by the Potter
A home of calm
Four of us heading to Oregon this week end for a ladies retreat
A husband who gently leads this family closer in fellowship with God 
Laughing so hard I cry
A Church family who continues to grow closer in fellowship with the great I AM
Ladies who come together once a week to study what it means to be holy (LOVE)
Daily bread
Justification from sin
Hope of Heaven
Dear friends
The Holy Spirit
The saving power of my Lord
Gods ability to defeat wicked men
Fulfilled prophecies
The JOY of salvation!
Every dollar and the ability to earn it
Night when I can rest and dream
Little children
Privilege of following Jesus
Grace for ignorant sin
That the earth is His footstool
That I am happy and content to live with my husband
That my word can be my bond
The indestructibility of His Holy Word
hope in HIM

~enjoying the moments

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