Monday, October 6, 2008

Perfect week end here....

Working on fall decorations today along with canning huckleberry jam and a batch of huckleberry scones. If there is such a thing as a perfect week end then we had it here! All day Saturday I was able to go through all my scrapbooking things and organize everything. Folded a truck load of laundry while watching the movie suggested by Jackie..."Cranford." What a delightful and perfect rainy day movie that turned out to be!

Sunday Dave and I jumped in the car and headed for the Hood Canal for the big Oyster festival and ate oysters cooked every imaginable way! We even snuck in 4 coconut prawns,... I thought I was going to throw up I ate so much!!!

I was so mad at myself, as I went into my purse to reach for my camera I remembered leaving it by the computer at home, as I was down loading pictures! Ugh!

After the big Oyster festival we headed over to our friends house to pick Huckleberries for canning, pies and of course scones. If you are ever fortunate enough to have the opportunity to buy a huckleberry pie don't you dare bat your eye at the price! It is worth it! I picked huckleberries for the first time in my life yesterday and it is a lot of work! These berries are half the size or may be less than a blueberry. Not only are they tiny and time consuming to pick they are a lot of work to clean and de-stem!

I have named Candy the Queen of Huckleberry picking! She along with her husband and three very helpful huckleberry picking boys live in what I named yesterday as Huckleberry heaven!

It is my understanding that bears love these berries and seeing how very tiny they are and how difficult it is to pick these little gems, I now totally understand why and where the term came from, "As crabby as a bear!" I mean really, if I had to consume 80 to 90 pounds of food a day ...well let's just say these berries are small and I'd be crabby as a bear too!

Well...back to the kitchen to bake and can, not to mention try and finish up on some more fall decorating...and as I see it from my blog travels today, I am a pathetic therefore I really need to get busy here and practice! Man I miss my talented daughter! When is your holiday break again Alison?????


Jackie said...

Hey Chris, Your posts are making me very hungry! Actually I'm still full from lunch, where I gorged myself on a delicious mexican feast one of the ministry teams provided right after staff meeting. We do this once a month and it's a good thing too. I can't afford to eat like this every Monday! But after the full feeling is gone, I would love to eat up all the goodies you are making! We had a surprise yesterday. You'll hafta check my blog in a few minutes to find out what it was. :O) Hugs, Jax

Jackie said...

P.S. I'm glad you like Cranford. Isn't it great entertainment?