Thursday, December 11, 2008

Kids are home...let the fun begin!

Anya, Alison, Kelsey and Elliot home for snacks, movies and fun! Anya stands next to giraffe in living room and we all think she has grown at least an inch! Anya is the sweet friend of Alison's who lived with our family for two years and now is in college. She is daughter number two to us and Kel Kel is daughter number three...and Alison will always be daughter number one!

Uncle Bill is in from Florida and will be going to the ocean with all of us this week end, Kelsey will be coming along as well. Everyone is so excited about spending the week end at Nana and Papa's beach condo.
After Ali and I finish up these cookies we are off to lunch and some yarn shopping! I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful week-end!
enjoy today ~


Ms. Tee said...

Oh, I thought you were at the beach already! :)

I know you're glad to have your sweet children home - I hope you have an absolutely wonderful time at the beach!

Christine said...

We are leaving first thing Friday morning..have a wonderful week end Ms T.

Jackie said...

Hi Chrissy, In case you have internet at the beach here is a note. :D Get lots of pictures and have fun with all our dear ones. Wish I were there with you! Oh yeah, AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON SATURDAY. Love U bunches, Jax

Darlene said...

yeahhhhh!!!!! the kids are home!

hmmmm. looks like a little birdie (or sister, maybe) let out a secret:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

Oh...Happy Birthday!! What a great day to be at the beach. I'm sure you are having a fantastic time!!

Kelli said...

Yay! Have a wonderful time together!

Christine said...

Jackie,..very limited internet, but I could look up my emails on my phone and I kept getting birthady wihes on my email and I'm like how did anyone know it was my birthday until I read thanks! very sweet. I got lots of pictures for you guys and you are going to love it when you come out in the summer...will be a blast!

Darlene...thank you sweet friend! Had a fun B-day for sure!

Hey Lisa...thank you!

Kelli...had a really fun time...will catch up with all later...hugs