Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Make dessert and she will come....

Mom's yummy strawberry shortcake

Jackie and Dave

Jackie and little brother John

Alison, Jackie and Elliot

Mom, Dad and Jackie
Alison, Mom, Jackie and me in "K's"

Alison and Nana making up Strawberry shortcake for all of us

Elliot and Auntie Jackie

OK - It has been a little busy around here and I am just a wee bit behind in just about every area of my life right now...... and a slow picture loading computer hasn't helped my cause at all!

Had a nice visit from my sister in law from Anchorage Alaska this past week end. She was here for a conference and so we were only able to see her for one short evening at Mom and Dad's for dessert .... although .... I got one extra visit with her, as I had to go back to the Airport and pick her and Linda up due to Anchorage Airports being shut down because of the ash that the big bad mountain spewed out all over the place.

Always so much fun to be around Jackie and feel very blessed by God to have such an awesome sister in law

Big hugs and I can't wait to spend a week with you and the whole family this summer at the beach!


Jackie said...

Yay!! Pictures! I will try and download them when I am on my computer at home. Thanks for the sweet words. I feel very blessed to have you (and the rest of my peeps in Kent) as family! Love U bunches, Jax

P.S. That sure was some yummy dessert!

~K~ said...

You are too funny, G/F!!! When I wear YOUR jacket, I'll post a pic..!!

That strawberry dessert looks heavenly..!!

Karen said...

WELCOME BACK! I missed you! It's been sooooooo long! But you sound like you've been having fun!
OK, now that I'm starving . . .

Carrie said...

What funny! I love strawberry shortcake!

Debbie said...

I'd come for that dessert!

jenjen said...

How fun! And that dessert looks fab! I hope you are surviving with all of that ash.


P-Dot said...

I know if you make certain foods that I will travel across several counties for it. Maybe not to Washington from here but definitely across several counties.

The Farmer's Wife said...

Now that looks like a lot of fun!
"Make dessert and she will come..." should be on a t-shirt, I think, because it certainly applies to most of us!

The soap arrived, and not a moment too soon! It's glorious, and I'm slicing it off, little tiny bits at a time. Thank you, thank you! It's so fragrant that I put the envelope in my drawer and now all my clothes smell like "Dreams". Beautiful.

Nina Diane said...

glad you were able to spend time with your family! the title is's what I always say about my own kids...cook it and they will come!

Darlene said...

oh, I am missing your fun posts. Glad to see the fun family pics. Hi Jackie!!!!!!

Happily Ever After said...

Looks like you all were having a great time. The dessert looks delicious. Strawberries are one of my favorites in the late spring.That is one of those foods that I don't feel guilty eating..even though I like to drown the berries in whipped

You have a lovely family.



Lisa said...

Even though it's not chocolate...if you made that, I would come over for dessert for sure!!