Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Home made brown sugar

I never really gave much thought to brown sugar as being made. When I looked on the back of my package of brown sugar, it simply listed the ingredients as: Brown sugar.

So to make, "home made brown sugar" was news to me.

Anyway, I thought that I'd give this a try. So if you are like me and interested in things such as this continue on.

You will need two ingredients:

1 Cup of granulated sugar
1 T Molasses

( if you want dark brown sugar then you will need to add 2 T Molasses instead of one)

Simply add your two ingredients into your mixing bowl and start mixing the ingredients until they are thoroughly mixed together...

Look at this!

I'm not really sure why this excites me, but it does!

Just put your sweet sugar in an air tight container and you are good to go.

I think this would make a nice gift for someone too.

Thank-you to Noble Pig for sharing this recipe.

I'm looking forward to my next bowl of oatmeal and a batch of cookies!


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