Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Your're late!

Actually I am the one that is late here. I found this cute mad hatter paper and couldn't resist making a little Fall gift out of it for a little boy of a friend of mine.

Was going to post this as a Fall gift idea but then didn't think about it until I was going through some pictures today...oops!

I was thinking this might even be a fun little Christmas gift idea with different paper... I think it will work for just about any occasion with the right paper.

I grabbed some cute mad hatter paper along with a couple sweets...m&m's and a milk chocolate bar....I think chocolate makes any paper look good...don't you?

Made up a pattern I saw from the craft store on my brown paper bag that I bought my paper in...aren't I clever. Then folded the paper and cut out the pattern. You can see from the picture here I didn't cut the bottom of my mad hatter paper.

This paper has a cute print on both sides so I folded the top over to make a cute edge at the top there as you can see. I used the hole punch to make a couple holes along the side to tie some ribbon through to secure the sides along with a couple holes at the top to tie in my ribbon to make a cute little ribbon handle at the top.

Added some cure cut outs from the mad hatter paper and glued them onto the front and back of my little bag.

Wrapped my m&m's and chocolate bar up with the same mad hatter paper. See how one side is green and you turn it over and the other side is brown?

Added some of the same ribbon to the candy bars along with some more of the mad hatter paper I used to cut out and glue onto the candy bars.

I had some gold tissue paper that I tucked inside of the little bag I created...added the candy and away I went with a cute little gift for a cute little guy at the pumpkin pie party.

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