Wednesday, November 17, 2010

To frazzled to know any better

As I was organizing my rooms the other day (for the first time in some twenty years) I came across this book on my bookshelf called, "The Frazzled mothers guide to inner peace."

The only thing that looked remotely familiar to me about this book was the picture of an adorable little toddler all wrapped up in a big pile of toilet paper on the front cover of the book. As I sat down and started to thumb through the book the first page I opened was not only all scribbled on, as you can see from the picture above, but the artist also took the liberty of cutting into the edges of some of the pages as well.

It is hard finding things like this some twenty years later... for instance, who do you put into time out for this one?

I love the comment on the cover that says, 'The book is divided into 10 minute readings ~ Because you just don't have time to read a whole book!'

Boy they got that one right because I'm pretty sure the cover is about as far into this book as I ever got.

Page 37 - Dealing with difficult people

Of course it appears to me now that the only ones who really had anytime for books in our home back then was about two years of age! I guess you could say that this book really wasn't age appropriate at that time.

I was actually going to pass this book off to a mom, whom I know, that is in the midst of the frazzled child rearing years but as I started reading through it, I began to think that I now have ten minute to spare each day to read this book and she probably does not!

I can't say for sure if it is the book or the fact that my children are all grown up but I am sure feeling inner peace at this time in my life right here, right now.

I'm actually thinking about recommending this one to my reading group. I'll bet they didn't have time back then either and very well, like me, missed this one too!



The Farmer's Wife said...

I'm writing down the title of that book! (with a crayon, on a coloring page...) And I really thank you for this post. I needed to hear from someone who lived beyond the frazzle years and came out on the other side, intact and normal.

Lynette said...

Well it seems as if you are getting ready not to be a "frazzled grandma";-D I love the toddler art in your book...something to keep forever;-D

Erin said...

That's too funny!