Friday, November 12, 2010

Out of order and not waiting...

You really can't go wrong with a good devotional book....

Your favorite mug filled with a good hot drink on a good cold day...

And the first slice of pie hot right out of the oven!

This is actually for after dinner dessert this evening but I am not one to follow order when it comes to things such as this nor am I very good at waiting.

Interestedly enough my devotion today was on waiting and it was not the one for today which would mean I am not reading these in order.

~ small excerpt from the devotional, 'Jesus Calling' ...

Wait quietly in my presence while my thoughts form silently in the depths of your being. Do not try and rush this process, because hurry keeps your heart earth bound. I am the creator of the entire universe, yet I choose to make my humble home in your heart.

.....Ask my spirit to quiet your mind so that you can hear my still, small voice with in you.

I have been finding my mind going back over these words and asking Him to please quiet my mind so that I can simply hear his still small voice.

I have been battling with a few issues as of late and one being how bothered I become when I see men and woman of faith, including myself, not standing strong in Gods truth and swaying to the peer pleasures of man especially in our churches when it comes to right vs wrong in Gods eyes. Are we really to be concerned that someone is offended by what God has to say about a matter?

As I sat there in my prayer time in silence these words came rushing through my mind...

Jesus didn't live his life in a manner in which to show us how to be popular with man. Jesus lived his life in a manner in which to show us how to please his Heavenly Father.

These words overwhelmed my mind and brought comfort to my spirit immediately. It isn't for me nor any believer to be concerned with what man thinks is right or wrong, truth or fiction. It is mine and yours responsibility to learn how the master likes his napkins folded. I am here to please one and only one. Like the old saying goes, you really can not please everyone. We really can't please everyone and so therefore I find it so refreshing that the only one I need to please is the one who not only counts the stars, but created them too. I love you God!

Psalm 5:3 In the morning I, O Lord, Thou wilt hear my voice; In the morning I will order my prayer to Thee and eagerly watch.

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