Saturday, December 4, 2010

A gift a day ...December 4th

Pretend here with me just for a moment that this picture is not crooked....ok moment over you can accept that it is crooked..I did and it feels good.

It is late and I am tired and I have gifts to get ready for you so deal with this one small flaw...I am pretty sure it is the dogs fault here..we were messing with trying to get his bed just right for him under a table a ways a way from under my desk in the office here... If things are not just so~so for him he tends to get under my desk next to my feet and some how sits on cords that make everything shut down....

Gift idea for you today is my home made jam but you can buy yours from the store and put your own tag on it and it will be just fine.

My tag reads as follows:

Hoping your Christmas is Jam packed with Cheer!

~enjoy your week end!

Dec 3rd

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