Saturday, December 4, 2010

You to -- can do this while on HOLD....

Just so happens to be the envelope of the company I am on hold with...

Do not get mad at company and wad or throw envelope away....calmly open it up.

Measure and cut a strip to fit around the outside of the lid
..glue stick the lid and apply paper to the it.

Feeling a little better already....not with the company I am on the phone with, but this paper clip holder.

My 94 year old grandma works (yes... she still works) for and advertisement company and is always giving us kids, since I can remember, freebies from her left over product samples. The only problem with all of these fun freebies is that they all have someone else logos on them. I have nothing against Financial Express Planners and in all honesty I'm not even really sure if this is a real company or a made up name just to show potential buyers what their logo would look like on this product. What ever the case may be here, this logo, on this paper clip container has always kind of bugged me. So while on the phone or more like... (eternal hold!) I transformed this little guy.

Added these 'sticker letters' to it as well....

Yep...still on hold.

Hey... let me know if you'd like one.... I just might have time for one more!!!!


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