Thursday, March 17, 2011

Show Off Homes....

My seedlings are growing up so quickly. Most of them are hanging out in my office with me so that I remember to check them and water as needed daily. Once again, I recycled these containers out of the garbage bin. I added about and inch of pebbles to the bottom of the cans and filled the rest with dirt and then added my bush pea seeds.

OK~ so this is what I have been looking at for the past few weeks. I decided that these little plants needed a home remodel. If not for them then for me. I was so tired of looking at the green bean, dog food and peanut butter containers on my desk every morning.

I picked out some scrapbook paper from my craft pile and glued them onto each of the containers with glue sticks. I then tied each one off with ribbon and raffia.


Working on some cute labels for each of my seeds so that I don't get them all mixed up.

Nothing on my desk, that day, was safe from my paper scraps!
Now I just need to wrap all the rest of the seedling homes that are hiding behind my computer screen on my desk. Always another project for tomorrow.


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