Thursday, March 17, 2011

Whipped Topped Flower Pot

Yesterday as I was preparing our St. Patty's day dinner I over looked buying flowers for the table while I was at the grocery store. So after I finished making my Grasshopper Cake I had a whip Cream container that was the perfect size to hold a Prim Rose that I had on the back deck that had not yet been planted.

I cut out some scrap book paper to fit around the container. I taped it onto the container and wrapped some green ribbon around the top of it.

I then added a little bit of newspaper inside of the container so that the prim rose kind of hung over the container just a little bit making it look a little fuller around the top of the container.

Not bad for a last minute St. Patty's day table decoration.

I took my plain white paper napkins and tied some green ribbon for just a little splash of St. Patty Green as well.

I also had these little gold wrapped chocolate coins left over from Christmas and so I dropped a couple on each plate.

The daughter gets home from College for Spring break tomorrow so I bought a couple extra Corned beefs to throw into the freezer and so we will be repeating this dinner again next week with her.

Hope you had a nice St. Patty dinner with the family and or friends.

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