Friday, September 19, 2008

Been a little busy...a good thing for the family!

Pear Crisp recipe on the "kitchen is open" journal...enjoy!

Al and Hal want cookies.... here are your cookies you two! No worries, they are hidden and safe...
they will hopefully make there way up North this week end!

Look what we found in the garden! I was shocked! Zucchini bread here we come...!

The Plums!

This tree is full of pears!

Dave and his little buddy picked pears yesterday...well Dave
Picked and the Pug sniffed!

Here is the Pear Jam
I made from the great harvest.


Jackie said...

YUMMY! That stuff looks good enough to eat! Katie made us some chocolate chip pecan cookies this week. I think I gained 2 pounds. I would love to have fruits and veggies like you guys. We did just get a delicious shipment of pears though. Not quite the same, but I'm not complaining!

ALISON wants COOKIES said...

WOWWWW those cookies look so good! i set that picture as my background for my comp.

im so hungry for cookies! i cant wait to eat those